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To the Fair

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To the Fair

Published 1964

17:31:24:00 To the Fair 10240

17:31:33:00 MCU of stagecoach horses running through desert, Wells-Fargo style stagecoach (17:31:38:00)
17:31:38:00 med shot of jet flying over head (17:31:41:00)
quick sequence of various modes of transportation - boat, London bus, camels, amphibious car (Amphicar); hot air balloon, people on multiple-seat bicycles etc.
17:32:07:00 med shot of at least 10 men on 10-seated bicycle (17:32:10:00)
17:32:14:00 med shot of elevated subway train coming around curve in tracks with NYC skyline in background - flags waving from windows

17:32:19:00 med wide shot from car - crossing bridge - looking up at towers
17:32:22:00 med wide shot from car - crossing another bridge

17:32:25:00 med wide shot of convertible on expressway with NYC skyline in background (17:32:27:00)
17:32:28:00 med shot of mom and kids in convertible (dad in driver’ seat not visible) w/ buildings in background
camera moves up to show skyline (17:32:34:00)

17:33:04:00 wide shot of crowds heading towards fair in background
17:33:06:00 wide shot of crowds walking toward camera
17:33:08:00 med shot of people in crowd
17:33:10:00 med shot of people in crowd
17:33:13:00 med shot of marching boy scout troop

17:33:18:00 med shot - two ladies standing still in walking crowd - looking at map
17:33:21:00 MCU of ladies looking at map (17:33:22:00)
17:33:23:00 MCU of map over ladies’ shoulders - camera pulls back as they fold it up (17:33:27:00)

17:33:28:00 med shot of the Family walking down huge sidewalk to Fair (17:33:34:00)

17:33:35:00 med shot - camera follows two young women in very Sixties sheath dresses - two guys turn to stare at them (17:33:44:00)
17:33:45:00 MCU of backs of two women - 17:31:49:00 camera pans down to focus on feet in high heels (17:31:52:00)

17:34:21:00 med shot - family gets on fair’s open motor train (17:34:27:00)

17:34:34:00 MCU of Mom, Dad, three kids on train
17:34:36:00 CU of Mom and Dad (17:34:40:00)
17:34:41:00 CU of one little girl (17:34:43:00)
17:34:44:00 wide shot - pan of flags of all nations with Unisphere in background
17:34:48:00 MCU of Unisphere
17:34:52:00 more wide pan of fairgrounds - fountains with Unisphere in background (17:34:56:00)

17:35:47:00 traveling shot of crazy looking Jetsons-style building with huge lines of people outside (17:35:54:00)
17:36:30:00 - traveling shot of building - totally sixties architecture - there are hundreds of these all over (17:36:36:00)

17:36:37:00) very expressionistic shot- between two extremely tall, thin, and curved buildings (17:36:44:00)

17:36:48:00 2 guys chasing women sequence
17:36:48:00 MCU - 2 sets of men’s legs walking along sidewalk
17:36:51:00 MCU - guys spot girls on balcony of building
17:36:54:00 camera zoom on women walking on balcony (17:36:57:00)
17:37:01:00 med shot - guys run up one escalator, women come down another (17:37:14:00)

17:38:35:00 wide shot - marching boy scout troop (17:38:56:00)

17:39:31:00 med shot - family walking up very Jetsons walkway (17:39:35:00)

17:39:44:00 med wide shot - boy scout troop marches past Eskimo Pie stand -3 boys at the end of the line stop to get ice cream - lose troop (17:39:58:00)
17:40:00:00 CUs of lost boy scouts
17:40:09:00 med shot - boys take off running into crowd (17:40:13:00)

17:40:21:00 traveling shot - looking up at ceiling of crazy building - modern stained glass (17:40:29:00)

17:40:29:00 med wide shot of family walking through crazy building/pavilion - other buildings in background (17:40:38:00)

17:40:39:00 med shot- 2 women go inside yellow door -doors close - chasing guys arrive at door too late (17:40:50:00)
17:40:51:00 wide shot from bottom of tower as glass elevator ascends (17:40:55:00)
17:40:56:00 CU - 2 guys looking up (17:40:58:00)
17:41:09:00 med shot of two guys in silhouette running up flights stairs in cement tower (17:41:17:00)
17:41:27:00 MCU 2 women look out from balcony (17:41:31:00)
17:41:32:00 med shot - guys run up staircase - girls visible behind them- camera pans upstairs to 2 guys looking for them (17:41:50:00)

17:41:51:00 MCU - 3 lost boy scouts looking for troop(17:41:55:00)
17:41:56:00 wide shot from above - marching boy scout troop (17:41:59:00)
17:42:00:00 MCU - 3 boy scouts run for elevator (17:42:02:00)
17:42:03:00 MCU - 2 guys look out from balcony, one points (17:42:12:00)
17:42:13:00 wide shot - aerial - two women walking away from tower
17:42:18:00 med shot - lost boy scouts looking for troop (17:42:26:00)
17:42:27:00 med shot of three boy scouts running through crowd
17:42:36:00 med shot - they get on ride
sped-up surreal sequence of three boy scouts on all different rides
17:43:01:00 soft-focus aerial traveling shot - flying over circus tent, hanging from track between fair and freeway (17:04:03:00)
17:43:14:00 med shot - POV from log on floating log ride (17:43:18:00)
17:43:21:00 med shot - POV from log - going up track, then down - spray of water (17:43:30:00)

17:44:46:00 CU of Indonesian puppet (17:44:48:00)
17:44:53:00 med shot - Indonesian puppet theater (17:44:55:00)
17:44:56:00 CUs of puppets (17:45:11:00)

17:45:30:00 Michelangelo’s Pieta
17:45:35:00 CU - camera travels over statue (17:45:54:00)
17:45:56:00 med shot - woman in kimono performing Japanese tea ceremony - 1 woman in kimono, 2 American women in background (17:46:05:00)
17:46:06:00 CU of tea ceremony woman (17:46:08:00)
17:46:08 CU of woman’s hands in Japanese tea ceremony (17:46:13:00)
17:46:30:00 CU of woman’s hand’s drinking tea (17:46:38:00)

17:48:04:0O med wide shot - man drives convertible out of lake onto sidewalk (17:48:13:00)

17:48:55:00 CUS of insides of player piano (17:48:58:00)
17:49:04:00 CUs of insides of player piano-orchestra (17:49:16:00)
17:49:28:00 more insides of player piano (17:49:31:00)

17:49:39:00 med shot of lost boy scouts-one spots troop (17:49:44:00)
17:49:45:00 med wide - boy scout troop marching through crowd (17:49:48:00)
17:49:49:00 med shot - 3 lost boys run through crowd (17:49:55:00)
17:49:56:00 med wide shot - 3 lost boy scouts catch up with marching troop (17:50:05:00)

17:50:13:00 MCU of sign “Parking of Children”
camera pans over to MCU of parents leaving without kids (17:50:17:00)

17:51:32:00 traveling shot of model of moon with all-terrain vehicles (17:51:38:00)
17:51:42:00 traveling shot of model of futuristic American city (17:51:46:00)
17:51:51:00 more traveling shot of model of futuristic city (17:51:56:00)

17:52:20:00 - med wide shot - 2 guys spot women, run through pond (17:52:26:00)
17:52:27:00 MCU - women point and laugh, then run away
17:52:29:00 med shot - 2 guys chase them through lunch area (17:52:33:00)

17:52:41:00 med wide shot of two young women “driving” on old-fashioned car ride - sped up two guys chase them (17:52:51:00)
17:52:52:00 med shot of two women “driving” - two guys rear-end them (17:52:54:00)
17:52:55:00 med shot of two couples in same car (17:53:06:00)

17:53:07:00 med shot of family in silhouette - walking around fountains at base of Unisphere (17:53:15:00)
17:53:22:00 med wide shot of American family in shrunken European village (17:53:27:00)
17:53:32:00 med shot of family in European village - walk to carousel (17:53:39:00)
17:53:40:00 MCUs of carousel (17:53:43:00)

17:53:52:00 family gets on carousel (17:54:20:00)
17:54:27:00 view of Fair from cable car at dusk (17:54:32:00)
17:54:41:00 more view of Fair - Unisphere - (17:54:46:00)
17:54:52:00 view of Fair from cable cars - lights on (17:54:56:00)
17:55:03:00 wide shot of Fair at night - turns into very surreal sequence of superimposed lights (17:55:50:00)
17:56:02:00 aerial pan of Fair at night (17:56:12:00)
17:56:13:00 med shot of silhouettes of people against lit fountains (17:56:20:00)
17:53:23:00 wide shot of fountains with blue lights (17:53:27:00)
17:53:28:00 wide shot of fountains with orange lights
17:53:30:00 another wide shot of fountains with orange lights, lights of Fair in background (17:53:32:00)
17:56:32:00 MCU - silhouette of Mom and Dad snuggling, dancing
17:56:36:00 med wide shot of colored fountains
17:56:38:00 wide aerial shot of fountains with lights of Fair in background (17:56:41:00)
17:56:44:00 med wide aerial pan of fountains (17:56:46:00)
17:56:49:00 sequence with fireworks going off around fountains (17:57:06:00)

Producer Thompson (Francis)
Sponsor New York World's Fair 1964-65 Corporation
Audio/Visual sound, color


Directed by Alexander Hammid and Wheaton Galentine. Associate Director: Peter Robinson. Music composed and conducted by Gene Forrell. Narration written by Edward Field. Spoken by Robert Fields. Edited by Theodore Kamecke. Photography: Jess Paley, Michael Livesey, Ross Lowell, Jules Sindic. Sound: Fine Recording Inc. Sound effects: David W. Scott. Production Coordinator: Joan Piker. Print by Technicolor.


Reviewer: Visual16 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 13, 2014
Subject: Excellent color version!
This film for the 64-65 New York World's fair has been on the Archive in black and white for a number of years, but this color version looks a whole lot nicer. Also, thanks for other recent additions, including "Sinclair at the World's Fair"! I always like the silly elements found in these films, but you can't overlook the great historical value of them as well. In the mid 1960's, there was very little grievance with America's huge and growing corporations. Things have certainly changed in these times, as we see corporate influence expand into many religious, political and educational areas. For that, I am glad to watch these films as a reminder of those earlier, simple times, when our country wasn't so severely divided.
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